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If you are being accused of a Violent Crime in the State of Florida, having the knowledge and skill of a Criminal Defense Attorney is invaluable in protecting your rights and providing a defense. Even the least serious violent crime may result in felony charges and can result in years of imprisonment. The Ramjeawan Law Group, in Kissimmee, Florida is here for you, to provide legal representation to ensure that your rights are being protected. WE BELIEVE YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

A violent crime in Florida is any crime that involves physical harm, unlawfully caused by the defendant against the victim. A felony is a violent crime that results in serious injury or use of a deadly weapon. A misdemeanor is a crime that results in minor injury or harm.

Examples of Violent Crimes in Florida;

  • Murder
  • Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Assault and Battery
  • Dangerous Weapon Enhancement
  • Arson
  • Sexual Assault

Defenses to violent crimes accusations may include;

  • Stand your ground law. This allows for a person to use deadly force in certain situations, such as someone intruding into your home or vehicle, if that individual feels threatened.
  • A case of mistaken identity. A defendant may look or be dressed to look like another person at the scene of a crime.
  • Procedural errors. These can occur when the Law Enforcement agency doesn’t follow procedure during their investigation. When this occurs, evidence may be suppressed or not admitted during the trial.
  • Alibi. An example of this would be that the defendant may have been at a different location at the time that the crime was committed.
  • Self defense. This occurs when the defendant protects himself from the violent attack of another.
  • Mistake of fact. A criminal defendant can misunderstand facts that negate the crime. For example, it can be that the defendant believed he was taking property that he owned, when in fact it belonged to someone else.
  • Intoxication. This can be a defense on the basis that the defendant did not understand the nature of their actions. It depends on whether the intoxication was voluntary or involuntary.

Every case is different and deserves careful attention, to learn all the facts. Let the law group of Rudy Ramjeawan handle your violent crime case. With our years of experience, our skilled litigators can protect you in court and help you to receive the most favorable judgment. We want to know you, to learn all the facts and circumstances that may have impact on the outcome. A conviction of a violent crime will have long reaching effects on your life and the life of your family. It will effect your employment, your housing options and any other activity that requires a background check. Let us thoroughly investigate and utilize expert witnesses as needed, to uncover any flaws in the State’s case. We are waiting to hear from you at our convenient Kissimmee location. Call us now at 407-751-1469 (rudy).

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