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Rudy Ramjeawan, Trucking Accidents

Accidents involving trucks vary greatly, as there are many models of trucks in different sizes, weights and dimensions. But one thing is certain; an accident with a truck will cause devastating injuries or death and extensive property damage. If you are involved in a trucking accident, as the victim, the driver of the truck or the owner of the truck, securing legal representation immediately is of vital importance to the outcome of litigation.

There are countless variables that contribute to trucking accidents. When preparing to represent a court case, an experienced attorney, such as Rudy Ramjeawan, will investigate driver error, the weather, poor vehicle maintenance, alcohol or drug usage, speeding, distracted driving, unfamiliar roads, vehicle design, highway conditions, fatigue, improper cargo loading and mechanical failure.

Immediately after an accident, it is important that you take photos or videos at the scene, if at all possible. This will document the weather and road conditions and perhaps faulty road signs, which can reduce your liability. Try to get the information of persons that witnessed the accident, for future testimony.

Be careful what you write on social media! If you are claiming severe injuries, but writing on social media about events you are attending or that you’ve been in an accident but are feeling fine, this can be used to demonstrate perjury and can negate your damages.

There are different types of trucking accidents that can cause chain reaction crashes, often with multiple vehicles;

  • Jackknifing occurs when the tractor swings the trailer perpendicular, often causing collisions with cars in the same lane and the oncoming lane of traffic.
  • An under ride is an accident, whereas a vehicle crashes into the back of a truck and gets wedged underneath it.
  • Cargo spills occur when items fall out of the truck or trailer, causing other vehicles to crash.
  • A runaway truck often occurs in hilly terrain, whereas the driver is unable to stop the vehicle.
  • Other causes of trucking accidents can be due to rollovers, wide turns, tire blowouts and blind spots of the driver. The driver of the truck also has to be mindful when carrying live loads, such as liquids or livestock and long stop distances.

If you are being charged criminally or are involved in civil litigation, there are defenses that can be used to minimize your liability. Many times, the fault of an accident is shared by two or more drivers. Perhaps the truck had to swerve in order to avoid a sudden stop of another vehicle or wildlife on the roadway. Or, the road conditions were hazardous, or the stop sign was not visible. These are just a few examples of how a seasoned Attorney, like Rudy Ramjeawan, in Kissimmee, Florida can help. Or, if you are a victim in a trucking accident, Rudy Ramjeawan, in Kissimmee, Florida, can make a solid case that the offending driver violated the law, resulting in your damages. You deserve compassion and compensation for your losses.

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