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Rudy Ramjeawan- Sex Offenses

Sexual offenses, by society’s measure, are the most heinous of crimes. This is the only criminal activity that if convicted, requires lifelong registration with the local authorities. This is pursuant to Megan’s Law, which is a federal mandate for all convicted sex offenders. The public is made aware of the residence of the registered sexual offender and generally, that person is considered unwelcome in any neighborhood. Unfortunately, all too often, allegations of sexual misconduct are unfounded. And there are generally no witnesses to these crimes. This allegation is the most stigmatizing crime in the criminal justice system.

Some of the most common sexual offenses that are prosecuted in the State of Florida are sexual battery, sexual assault, rape, failure to register, molestation of a child, internet sex crimes, child pornography, lewd conduct, indecent exposure and solicitation/prostitution.

Sexual Offenses carry harsh penalties and it is imperative that an attorney is retained that can build a strong case of defense.

The Law Office of Rudy Ramjeawan is here to represent you and preserve your rights. Many times, false accusations can be the result of misinterpreting the actions of the accused. We know that in today’s climate, the law and society favors the allegations of the alleged victim. Sexual consent is permission to engage in sexual activity with another, for persons of legal age and having the mental capacity to make decisions. But the lines blur when there is alcohol or drugs involved with the participants. It can be considered sexual assault if he or she is under the influence.

For a strong, legal defense, the Attorneys must examine the credibility of the prosecution’s forensic evidence, which is usually obtained by Police Officers and nurses. The credibility and history of the alleged sexual offender and victim is of great importance. Charges must be filed within the statute of limitations. If the case cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, there can be a dismissal of the offense. We look for inconsistencies in stories and the motivation of the accuser. Many times the allegation is made because of the embarrassment of the accuser, revenge, or even to have an advantage in a child custody dispute. When interviewed, a child can repeat what has been suggested to him by another instead of the facts of the event. There can be leading questions by the interviewer or perhaps the child just wants to please a parent or adult. If the Prosecutor ultimately decides the evidence is too weak to secure a guilty plea, it can lead to a reduced plea bargain deal.

The Law Office of Rudy Ramjeawan, in Kissimmee, Florida, is here to provide you with the most detailed and effective defense possible. It is crucial that you get the kind of help that will protect your future. We are available to answer your questions and our team will not rest until you have the best possible outcome. Call now, we can help!

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