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Probation is defined as a period of supervision over a convicted offender, ordered by the court in lieu of serving time in prison or reducing time in prison. The stipulations of probation vary according to the severity of the crime and the jurisdiction. But in general, there are usually regularly scheduled meetings with an assigned Probation Officer, avoiding contact with known criminals or gang members, paying restitution and attending appropriate counseling specific to your crime. It can also include court ordered community service, staying employed, attending classes, no contact orders or whatever else the Judge on your case feels is appropriate for you to rehabilitate and become a productive member of society.

When a Probation Violation occurs, it can have devastating consequences for the offender. This can include jail time, extended probation time and monetary fines. If you are charged with a Probation violation, it is imperative that you have a skilled, professional Attorney to represent your interest. The Law Office of Rudy Ramjeawan, in Kissimmee, Florida, has the expertise to assist in your defense.

Many times, there are legitimate reasons for probation violation!

  • Failure to pay fines. When convicted of a crime, you can be charged for court costs, other fines and restitution. Although the Courts are not always sympathetic to this, proof of indigence can be submitted.
  • Failure to report for Probation meetings. Documentation can be submitted to the court regarding hospitalization or incarceration. Most other defenses are disallowed.
  • False testing. One of the conditions of your Probation may be regular drug or alcohol testing. A defense can be exposure to chemicals or medications or even foods that test positive.
  • Testing positive for drugs or alcohol. Some drugs can remain in the body for lengthy periods of time. A prescription and Physician documentation can be a defense. An offender may have been given drugs or alcohol unknowingly, however this is difficult to prove.
  • No contact order is violated. This can occur if the victim of a crime makes effort to contact a defendant; this is especially prevalent in domestic violence cases. Phone records and e-mails can be proof of contact made by the victim…

There are two types of Probation violations.

  1. A technical violation of probation is an offense that is not of a criminal nature. This can be failure to report, missing a curfew, missing classes, lack of school attendance, failure to pay fines or any non-criminal violation of the terms of the probation.
  2. A substantive violation means you are charged with a new crime that occurred while you are serving your probation sentence. In addition to violating your parole, you will also be prosecuted for the new crime.

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