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Family is at the heart of our lives. So when something happens that threatens that family bond, emotions run high. Legal matters with family are never easy. That’s why hiring a family law attorney in Kissimmee, such as the Kissimmee divorce attorneys at the Ramjeawan Law Group, P.A., is crucial. The right attorney can help you keep things civil as you work through familial issues effectively and efficiently.

Family Law in Osceola and Orange Counties

If you live in Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Orlando or any of the other surrounding areas of Osceola or Orange Counties, you might think family lawyers in Kissimmee only deal with divorce. The reality is that the family lawyers from the Ramjeawan Law Group, P.A., handle many types of family law cases, from paternity and divorce to child custody and adoption. Here’s a quick overview:


One of the most emotional parts of any divorce involves the division of marital property and debt between spouses. In Florida, this is handled with a legal document called a marital settlement agreement (you may know it as a divorce settlement). A skilled attorney can help you make sure your rights are protected when it comes time to divide assets and debts and prepare a marriage settlement agreement.


Paternity involves identifying the legal father of a child. Once paternity is established, the mother, father and child receive rights and benefits. Paternity gives both parents the legal right to get a child support order or to get a court order for shared time with a child.

Child support attorney in Kissimmee

If minor children are involved in a divorce, child support is a way to ensure the financial needs of children are met. Child support calculations in Florida can get complicated. They are based on the income of both the custodial and non-custodial parent. Attorney R. Rudy Ramjeawan can help you ensure child support calculations are accurate.


There are many different types of alimony in Florida, and alimony can be awarded both during the divorce process (called temporary alimony or alimony pendente lite) or can be awarded for a specific time (or permanently) after a divorce. A Kissimmee divorce attorney can advise you on details for the different types of alimony.

Time-sharing and visitations

One of the most important aspects of planning a divorce is determining how you will share custody of any minor children, and how you will handle visitation. Some couples prefer 50/50 custody. Others use different schedules. Spouses will need to consider weekdays, work schedules, weekend schedules and holiday rotations, among other time-sharing challenges. The family law attorneys at the Ramjeawan Law Group, P.A., will work with you to develop a formal time-sharing plan.


In the unfortunate event that a child’s parents die or become incapacitated, Florida law allows for other adults (such as a grandparent) to file for legal guardianship. Guardianship is a court procedure. A family lawyer can guide you through the process and help you understand key concepts, such as the difference between voluntary and involuntary guardianships.


If you’ve made the choice to adopt a child, congratulations! A family lawyer can help you navigate the legal process surrounding adoptions in Florida.

How a family law attorney in Kissimmee can help

When you deal with legal matters involving family law, you’ll face a whole host of unique circumstances, and you do not want to potentially ruin your relationships. When you’re looking for a decision that works in the best interests of everyone involved, trust the Ramjeawan Law Group, P.A.

Attorney R. Rudy Ramjeawan, Esq., specializes in a variety of family law cases and is here to help you through a time that may be strenuous on you and your family. We provide professional and caring legal advice and representation for people seeking a divorce, child custody, alimony, paternity, child support and more. We will preserve your rights and assets, and ensure that you have everything you need to support yourself and your family.

As a legal professional for 12 years and an attorney for five years, attorney R. Rudy Ramjeawan has a history of working towards solutions to complex cases. He gives every case priority and the meticulous attention to detail it deserves.

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