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If you’ve ever been charged with a crime, the next steps you take are crucial. Crimes in Florida can carry various penalties, from fines and probation all the way up to serious jail or prison time. Do not try to go it alone. The criminal defense attorneys in Kissimmee at the Ramjeawan Law Group, P.A., will aggressively defend your rights.

With over 15 years of experience in the legal field, attorney R. Rudy Ramjeawan, Esq., has ample experience representing clients in a variety of criminal defense cases. These include:

Violent crimes

Types of violent crimes include felony offenses such as burglary, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, homicide, murder, child abuse, burglary, kidnapping or grand theft. If you’re charged with any of these crimes, you could face serious penalties.

Drug Offenses

In Florida, drug offenses often fall into two categories – possession and trafficking. For many illegal drugs, including methamphetamine (crystal meth), cocaine, heroin, LSD and certain opioids – the difference between possession and possession with intent to sell or deliver is a felony. In addition, the difference between simple possession and trafficking is often times the amount of the drugs you have on your person at the time of your arrest.

Sex offenses

Crimes such as sexual battery, lewd and lascivious acts, rape or sex crimes against minors not only carry serious penalties, but they also mean you may have to identify yourself as a registered sex offender.

Probation violation

There are two types of probation violations in Florida. A technical violation means you’ve broken a condition of your probation, such as failing to meet with your probation officer, not completing community service hours, failing to meet your treatment obligations, etc.. A new law violation means you’ve committed a new crime while on probation.

Federal offense crimes

For certain crimes, including RICO, conspiracies, mail fraud, kidnapping, bank robbery, child pornography, identify theft, tax evasion, counterfeiting, etc. you could face both state charges and federal charges.

Kissimmee DUI lawyer

Florida police departments issued nearly 44,000 DUI (driving under the influence) violation tickets in 2017, and more than 24,000 of those led to convictions, according to the Florida DMV. For drivers under age 21, the legal blood alcohol limit is .02. For drivers ages 21 and over, the limit is .08. Even a first offense can lead to fines, community service, probation, and incarceration. As a Kissimmee DUI lawyer and former DUI prosecutor, attorney R. Rudy Ramjeawan, Esq., will stand up for your rights.

How Can a Criminal Charge Affect Your Life?

Being charged with a criminal offense can have devastating effects for both you and your loved ones. It also can severely affect your future, especially when it comes to finding a job or a home.

When you’ve been charged with a crime, it’s important to remember you have rights that must be protected. You are innocent until proven guilty.

When you want to ensure your rights are properly defended, trust the criminal defense attorneys in Kissimmee at the Ramjeawan Law Group, P.A., to handle your criminal case. Attorney R. Rudy Ramjeawan, Esq., has defended the most complex cases. As a former Florida Assistant State Attorney, he held the titles of DUI Specialist and Domestic Violence Specialist, and he prosecuted many habitual felony offenders (HFOs), habitual violent felony offenders (HVFOs) and prison releasee re-offenders (PRR).

It’s his goal to challenge all the charges against you and provide you with the help you deserve both in and out of court. No matter what you’ve been accused of, the Ramjeawan Law Group will fight to give you the best outcome possible given your unique set of circumstances.

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